Reviews & Testimonials

Aaron S.
Bella V.
Very good experience! They have the best selection of natural and organic products. Nathan and Renan are very nice and patience and they helped us to find a very good mattress that we love!
Cleise V.
Very good experience! They have the best selection of natural and organic products. Nathan and Renan are very nice and patience and they helped us to find a very good mattress that we love!
Luke C.
Terri S.
Margaret Collazo C.
Dan K.
Great products that have held up for years and good customer service.
Silneth R.
Atención personalizada del dueño de la tienda y su colaborador Renan.
Valeria O.
el algodón es orgánico y me encanta! la atención es increíble!
Armando N.
Needed a new mattress and this was the best customer service ever! Nathan was extremely knowledgeable and helped us find an excellent mattress. Would highly recommend! 5+ Stars!!!
Gina Dreiling N.
Best experience ever! Nathan was extremely knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service. I highly recommend Dallas Natural Mattress!!
ann C.
Great store! Nathan Novosad is very knowledgeable of products. Helpful, friendly and willing to answer questions. Made a purchase will recommend to others!
Deann J.
I will never buy another chemically loaded mattress ever again and this is where I will buy all my mattresses in the future! Nathan is so great to worth with on educating and his patience to make sure you have the right fit is amazing! I love small store customer service! And great products to select from low to high budgets and awesome policy if you selected the wrong one after you sleep on it to change it! For getting a clean nontoxic mattress you will spend the same as the toxic ones so it’s a no brained for me. All cotton and natural latex! If you didn’t know there was a difference go get educated! Worth your time!
Minnie Arnold C.
Nathan believes in his product and listen very well to his clients needs. He explained in detail his mattress' and the difference between his and the other competitors.
Kelli F.
Nathan is very knowledgeable on his mattress and his competitors. He answered all my questions. I will review the mattress after I have had a 30 day sleep on it. As of now I am very happy and pleased with the mattress I bought.
Andrea M.
Had a great experience with Nathan - I was moving from Dallas to Austin and needed to quickly order a new mattress. Nathan was super knowledgeable on the different styles they carry, and was able to share which were in stock/ready to ship. Nathan and his team were extremely helpful in their communication with me, even when dealing with a challenging delivery process in my new building! I ended up not loving my mattress and am exchanging for a different style - the store’s 100 night trial is a huge benefit -and it’s been a seamless process. Highly recommend working with Nathan and team!
Lorianne S.
Best mattress buying we have ever had. Nathan has made the process a breeze. Purchasing a mattress is a huge investment, and often times hard to take a salesman at his word. Nathan has been honest, direct, and answered every question we had. Will absolutely be back to shop next time we need a mattress!
Peggy D.
Excellent service by Nathan, great product knowledge.
Heather A.
We just got our fourth mattress from Dallas Natural Mattress - so happy to say that all of our family members now have one from this store! The quality of their products is amazing and so nice to have peace of mind about having a non-toxic mattresses! They have such a variety for so many different preferences. Customer service was also top notch, very informative and tons of patience while our family tried out all the different options and asked tons of questions - highly recommend.
Jared J.
Best service and selection of mattresses. Totally different than other mattress stores
Connor P.
I don't normally leave reviews, but this place really surprised me. Nathan helped me out a lot with understanding what makes these mattresses different and why they are worth the money (I was a little skeptical at first). I ended up with a Posh+Lavish mattress and it is incredible. It was a little pricey, but honestly well worth the money. I am never going back to a regular cheap mattress.
Stacia S.
Neydi B.
Excellent service from knowledgeable salespeople helped me find the mattress of my dreams! My back pain is gone after switching to the organic mattress with base Nathan recommended!!
Neydi V.
Excellent service from knowledgeable sales people helped me find the mattress of my dreams!
Amit K.
Arun J.
Yuvraj G.
Dasarathbhai S.
Carla L.
Nathan N.
Came in to bay a healthy organic mattress for our king size bed. Met with Renan and he showed me a few examples and firmnesses.Found this brand IVY ORGANICS in their store. Absolutely fantastic feelings. Along with that is is GOTS AND GOLS certified. Went with the Benson top of the line mattress and haven’t looked back.Amazing store with amazing service!
David J.
Heather F.
Pretty much everything from the get go was pleasant and professional. My family arrived in Dallas ready to settle in our new place but we traveled light, and needed a bed ASAP. I’m a very health conscious momma and googled a place I could find clean mattresses. Dallas Natural Mattress was right down the road from us in Addison and decided to shop there for our mattress. As with anything good there is usually wait times but they allowed us to use one of their brand mattress’s while we waited for ours to arrive. Both beds were super comfy, we were needing to upgrade and to get a mattress even more specific to our needs. Nathan ended up helping us out, and it was overall a very great experience in a time where we needed things to go smoothly. I highly recommend shopping here, even if you just wish to learn more about clean mattresses everyone here has been very knowledgeable and helpful!
Flavia Tavares Lira A.
This is the best mattress store in the Dallas area. I highly recommend! This store has the best quality and service offered. Nathan is very friendly and provided excellent outstanding customer service. My husband and I were very happy and satisfied with the mattress we got. If you need a mattress, fair prices and amazing customer service, this is the store to go. You won't regret.
Flavia A.
This is the best mattress store in the Dallas area. I highly recommend! This store has the best quality and service offered. Nathan is very friendly and provided excellent outstanding customer service. My husband and I were very happy and satisfied with the mattress we got. If you need a mattress, fair prices and amazing customer service, this is the store to go. You won't regret.
Heather Favata S.
Pretty much everything from the get go was pleasant and professional. My family arrived in Dallas ready to settle in our new place but we traveled light, and needed a bed ASAP. I’m a very health conscious momma and googled a place I could find clean mattresses. Dallas Natural Mattress was right down the road from us in Addison and decided to shop there for our mattress. As with anything good there is usually wait times but they allowed us to use one of their brand mattress’s while we waited for ours to arrive. Both beds were super comfy, we were needing to upgrade and to get a mattress even more specific to our needs. Nathan ended up helping us out, and it was overall a very great experience in a time where we needed things to go smoothly. I highly recommend shopping here, even if you just wish to learn more about clean mattresses everyone here has been very knowledgeable and helpful!
Yukie M.
Chase was so knowledgeable about every mattress and pillow in the store! He helped us find the perfect fit for how we slept, the quality of materials, and longevity of the mattress. The whole experience was great and we're so excited for our better sleep! I'll be recommending them to everyone!
D'Arcy Y.
Nathan did a great job of showing us mattresses and then helping us select one. When we ordered we thought w had a California king rather than a normal king and the mistake was not evident until the mattress arrived. Although it took some time, Nathan got us the right mattress size and we are very happy customers.
Hobert P.
Nathan was the best of the best... He helped my grandmother get a new mattress and gave exceptional customer service, knowledge and just all around great guy. It was very difficult to get a 92 year old woman to get a new mattress but he did it and did it well... Great Place Great Service Great guy.... Highly recommend...
Young P.
My mattress arrived this morning and I was in need of a new mattress protector. So I did some research online and decided to stop by this store because they carried a lot of the high quality bedding products that I was interested in. I ended up ordering an organic cotton mattress protector and they even let me borrow one of their protectors until mine arrives which was nice. But they seemed to know a lot about the products they carry and about bedding in general. I'm glad I stopped by and highly recommend if you're into quality bedding.
Andrea P
We just arrived in Dallas and needed a mattress ASAP. Nathan and Chase were wonderful. This place gives excellent service and you can count on being treated honestly. There was no sales pitch....they just tried to make sure that we got exactly what we were looking for.Despite not being a huge outfit, they had lots of options to offer, and every one of them was a great product.This is the kind of personal and friendly service that we all crave for.Nathan and Chase were so easy to work with. Very kind and patient. The delivery was scheduled for the evening, and although the truck broke down, those guys made sure that our mattress made it to our place that night as promised.Simply wonderful to work with them. I would recommend them to anyone.
Sarah P.
Best honest customer service, non pushy, really cares about what is best for your sleep and comfort! I highly recommend Dallas Natural Mattress! They are extremely informative. I enjoyed my shopping experience very much!
Linda D.
Nathan and Chase are very helpful and knowledgeable to assist you in finding the best mattresses for your family. We unexpectedly needed to purchase 5 mattresses and only wanted natural organic options with special needs and medical needs in our home. Dallas Natural mattress assisted us in every step of the way, including one electric platform, a bunk bed, and a future medical bed for my mother and one exchange needed. I can’t speak to the long-term durability of the mattresses but will update here as time goes on.
We've had our "Music" mattress for almost a year now and it has been amazing. It is so comfortable, and I sleep soundly (pun intended) knowing that my mattress doesn't contain harmful chemicals or synthetic fibers. The gentleman that helped us even delivered & carried our mattress right into our bedroom. I definitely recommend this place for healthy and earth-friendly mattresses & sheets.
Nicholas B.
HIGHLY Recommended!After months of searching the recognizable mattress stores We found Dallas Natural Mattress online. Chase was incredible at walking us through their selection and what makes DNM inventory unique & special in this market/industry. He was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and helpful. There was NO "sales" pressure whatsoever; very relaxed atmosphere.Chase accommodated some very specific requests and truly went above and beyond. We will be referring anyone and everyone we know to support this locally family owned source for top quality mattresses. We loved the healthy aspect to what DNM offers and could not be any more satisfied.To Chase & the owners: a heartfelt Thank You!
Julia P.
So happy this place is here in Dallas the mattress I purchased was well worth the price.the salesman was knowledgeable and polite.
Bereniche A.
The best quality and service. Excellent
A Fentress M.
No one is going to shove a hand into your wallet and rob you at Dallas Natural Mattress. All of their products are top of the line; and you can't go wrong moving up to a never-ending succession of good nights' sleep. The mattresses look as good as it feels to sleep on them. You need your rest. Invest in that rest here!
Morgan C.
I can't say enough about how amazing my experience was at this store!! This place deserves 10 stars!
randy S.
Got a great mattress!
Sammy W.
The guys up here were very helpful in choosing the perfect fit for our bedtime needs. They weren't pushy at all, as compared to other stores my wife and I visited. Instead, they were very flexible with our price range and was sure to accommodate us in every way possible.
Melinda M.
I wish I had known about Dallas Natural Mattress years ago. I found them recently when I was seeking a chemical free healthy mattress. We had purchased a mattress from one of the big mattress stores and after 2 weeks of being in an extra bedroom with the windows up and the ceiling fan on it was still off gassing a horrible chemical smell. This led me to research and learn about all the chemicals the mattress industry is currently using. I also learned that many people are getting sick from the chemicals in their mattress and don't realize the mattress is the culprit. (This is true even if there is no smell involved.) I am very grateful for a company like Dallas Natural Mattress. They have a huge selection of reasonably priced comfortable, healthy mattresses to choose from. Their customer service and knowledge of their products is first rate. I highly recommend them!
Nita S.
Very helpful people, high quality products.
shannon H.
Christian and James are wonderful and very knowledgeable !
Morgan Of The Oak (.
James is a mattress master. He helped me deal with some side sleeping shoulder issues and provided the knowledge of a slumber guru. Plus you have to see his cool art, the good, the rad and the not so ugly!
Rick W.
Very pleasant experience with this place. Customer service is A+ and their organic mattress selection is the best in town. Choosing an organic mattress can be overwhelming because there are so many options and the configurations are different than typical mattresses, but it's well worth it and these guys are dedicated to making sure you are happy with your setup.
Carolyn C.
James is wonderful. The best customer service and I feel good knowing my daughter is sleeping on a chemical-free, safe mattress. Thank you Dallas Natural Mattress!!!
Joshua W.
The people who work here are knowledgeable! They also work with you on the price and make sure you’re satisfied with your purchase. I’m not sure why anyone would go anywhere else.
Dallas C.
James was so patient and very helpful with guiding us to get the best pillow for us. We had bought pillows at another store but will be returning them because James helped us get the best fit for us!
Stacie Vitello D.
I drove three hours to try the all natural latex mattresses that this store offers because no other store nearby offers the mattress brands that this store does. I had been researching mattress for about two months because this is such an important purchase. James was incredibly helpful answering my many questions and directing me to the comfort and support layers that worked best for us. He is the co-owner of the company and was patient, friendly, and knowledgeable. I love that the products he offers are all natural with no toxic off gassing and no fire retardants used. He also offers natural memory foam pillows, linens, and mattress pads that are the softest we’ve ever tried! We love them! Save yourself a lot of online researching and start here to try the mattresses in person with professional help
Kendall N.
Great customer service, great products. Would buy from again
Ondrej K.
This store is really the best. The owners are working there themselves and thus they really care about keeping customers in the long run and not just hauling whatever they have on stock.We bought magniflex mattress based on recommendation from James and we simply love it. James and his colleagues really know what’s good and provide taylor made recommendations. We bought pillows and accessories as well and will go back whenever we need anything else.They only sell naturall products, no chemical fire retardants, everything from natural materials.We are really happy that we found this store and can recommend it wholeheartedly. If there were 6 stars, I would give it.
Valery M.
Jose O.
Melissa V.
Everyone is right. This place, and the owner, James are incredible. Buying a safer mattress can be overwhelming, and I went in with a lot of questions about our currently sleeping situation, the kids, and the future. James totally understood my situation and was able to help me not just rectify my current situation, but also help me plan for the future. The safety of my family is #1 to me. The fact that a place that we rest our heads ALL NIGHT is toxic is absolutely maddening to me. I wish more people understood how important it is to sleep on a non-toxic mattress. James will help you understand, in a very kind and educational way. James, thank you for all of your help, and also for putting up with two crazy kids acting like the store was a playground. You're awesome, and you have ALL of our future business!
Great products and very helpful service from James
Barbara L.
My husband, Larry Stern and I recently bought a Savvy Rest mattress, box springs, pillows, and mattress pad from this small, privately owned company and received the most thoughtful, conscientious service I have experienced in a very long time. The quality of the products sold here, as well as the expertise of the owners is outstanding. Trying out various combinations of mattress layers while being giving information about the pros and cons of each was helpful. When we decided on a particular mattress configuration, we knew that we had time to try it out and change our minds, if needed. The owners of the company arrange for a personalized installation of the mattress and foundation, all done in a very timely manner. We did decide to try another configuration after several weeks. There was no problem, and in fact, the owner came to the house to set up the new set of layers. Again, we were reassured that the bottom line was that we were happy with our investment. I would recommend this company with absolutely no hesitation. As a side note, my back pain has subsided significantly as a consequence of a really fine product and wonderful advice in buying exactly what I needed.
Flower Girl T.
Good selection
Michelle M.
Dallas Natural Mattress has the most eco-friendly, non-toxic mattresses and bedding in the city. I have loved how luxurious and soft my new mattress and bedding are. Best of all, I go to sleep knowing I'm not inhaling toxic material! I highly recommend this store for your next mattress, pillow, sheet set, quilt, or comforter. They have it all!!!
Kelley S.
Very excited to get my organic mattress. I’ve researched them and wanted one for years. It’s a beautiful store and I really like buying a mattress built right here in Texas, in Austin!
Kristi P.
I am so happy to have found this store. There is not another in Dallas similar. Customer service is top notch. They know the products and can answer any questions. I worked with James, and he was proficient in showing me how to make the most of my pillow and bed. He even honored a warranty on my organic pillow from another store that had closed. It wasn't even purchased there! They have an array of product and prices. Let go of all the chemicals in your mattress and invest in your health! Buy natural/organic and no sacrifice on comfort- quite the opposite. This is the place to buy!
Joel W.
We bought a king size latex mattress here two years ago and absolutely love the product, service, and staff. Today we just bought a second mattress for one of our children. This is the only mattress store I will be using in DFW.
Betse L.
I have recently had one of the best buying experiences I can recall.In my search for a new mattress, I wandered into OMI (Organic Mattresses, Inc.) in Dallas, TX, and was greeted by Chris. He was easy to talk with and extremely knowledgeable about mattresses, organic and otherwise.The mattresses at OMI were competitively priced and I had fun exploring them all. I went twice to be clear about which one I wanted and tested them all both times.I bought a mattress.When I left, I realized that there was a small miscalculation in the purchase and it made me uncomfortable. I went to speak to James Grantham, the owner, who is there a couple of days a week. He immediately recognized that the problem should not have happened and addressed it on the spot. The mattress was delivered two days later, earlier than had been promised.Rick, who delivered the mattress, put it on the bed, hauled off the old mattress and thanked me for my business. It was fast, efficient and easy for me.I love this mattress! I look forward to going to bed!If you are looking for a new mattress, this is the place to go!
Mike H.
Dallas Natural Mattress and their staff, including the delivery team, offered by far the best financial value and one of the friendliest buying experiences I could have hoped for in purchasing a new adjustable sleeping setup. James is the pinnacle of a professional and did a fantastic job helping our family select the perfect mattress, frame and pillows! His knowledge and honesty in answering (or not answering incorrectly, but providing resources if unsure) my questions was truly reassuring and made our decision-making process very clear & simple.The shop itself is very well layed out and there are plenty of experiences to be had trying all of the different cover/mattress/pillow materials they display in store (coils, latex, memory foam, organic cotton, wool, you name it!). Should they not have it, just ask because the team seemed very accommodating and ready to sell only the right sleep products one might need, even if it's just for reference prior to making a decision.Avoid the ridiculous overpricing and immediate value loss you'd get shopping any of the local box stores. Make the trip or call to see how James and his team can help get you the most comfortable and personalized sleeping products for the absolute lowest price (on OR off the web). Sidenote, I really appreciate when local businesses like Dallas Natural Mattress support & utilize local manufacturers in their products.... job well done. Well worth a visit, thanks again James!!
Vladimir B.
Great experience from the get-go. Most knowledgeable owners who truly love what they are doing. Our latex bed with a two inch topper feels awesome and price was very competitive. Supporting a local independent business selling great products sleeps .... uh .. feels great!
Michelle D.
I went with my daughter to get her mattress and inquired about a pillow while I was waiting. I've missed out on so many nights of good rest and bought so many pillows that haven't been comfortable.......Until I went to Dallas Natural Mattress!!!James was amazing in helping us - he explained all about why their products are so much better for you - without the pushy salesmanship you get everywhere else. My daughter bought a great mattress at a great price and I finally purchased THE pillow! I've never slept better!!! I will definitely be going back when I need a mattress!Thank you, James! 👍🏼😎
Anthony V.
I LOVE this place! We bought a mattress from Dallas Natural Mattress 1year ago and it has been wonderful. The one we replaced was 1 year old but would not stop off-gassing bad chemicals. We are going to buy a mattress top from them in 1 month and can’t wait. We also got new pillows because we love bed so much. I recommend this business to all my friends and family.
Jackie B.
After many years on more bad mattresses than I can count, I was lucky enough to discover Dallas Natural Mattress and James Grantham. We do not live in Dallas so we flew in, spent the afternoon in the store and flew home that evening knowing that we had just been guided to the best night’s sleep ever. James is so very knowledgeable, honorable, patient, willing to do everything in his power to make sure a customer is fully informed that we had full confidence that we had purchased the perfect mattresses for our needs. The combination of the wonderful selection of quality mattresses that Dallas Natural Mattress stocks plus the expertise and dedication of James Grantham provides the rare experience of true customer care.
Kim S.
James is wonderful, low pressure, makes suggestions based on what you want in a mattress. The bed I purchased had to be made and took 3 weeks to arrive - the exact time I was told it would take. Delivery was quickly scheduled with the delivery team arriving at the beginning of the 2 hour window I was given. The delivery team was friendly, fast and efficient. I LOVE my new bed! Had been having back pain issues which have been resolved. Can't recommend James & Dallas Natural Mattress enough.
Chelsi R.
Not your typical mattress shopping experience. No high pressure salesmen and haggling. Chris and James were both very knowledgable and helpful in making sure we were 100% satisfied with the mattress we purchased. James went above and beyond when we wanted to make an exchange and in the end we love our mattress and sleep well knowing it's excellent quality, naturally clean and will last 20+ years. Definitely worth stopping by if you are in the market for a new mattress!
Matthew J.
We ordered "The Willy" as a friend's wedding gift since we are in love with ours. Every time we see them we hear about this mattress. So happy we could provide them with a gift that will impact their lives daily for the next decade or two.
Steve C.
My wife brought me here. She had already sold me on living a clean lifestyle. However, I was slightly concerned about Natural and Organic Mattresses. Only because I know what it did to our grocery bill. After meeting James and being fit for a mattress we were right at home.The prices were inline and I can't imagine sleeping better.We bought a latex bed and it's perfect. Thanks James!
Jennifer G.
Cynthia T.
Absolutely learned what's going on behind the scenes in the mattress world here from James, backed up by peer reviewed links. Blows my mind.Got a certified organic mattress, pillows, bedding, the whole package, for less overall quality vs price than I found online.When you're ready for your big kid bed, go here.
Yasmine A.
Walking into the place I was already drawn to the nice layout they had. It was as if I walked into an art gallery. Smells of essential oils filled the room, and knowing everything is made natural makes everything better! Chris is such a helpful guy, and he even stayed a little after closing until the guy I had pick up my mattress got here. Stop by if you’re about upgrading yo purity game!! B)
Melissa A.
Everyone here was so helpful! I actually bought my bed last Fall with the topper and it still feels AMAZING! My son has their organic mattress and the quality is impressive. Highly recommend!
Ken G.
Dallas Natural Mattress is an excellent business! I have known them for several years and am always impressed by their work and customer service ability
Ken G.
Dallas Natural Mattress is a wonderful business! I have known them for several years and am always impressed by their level of work and customer service ability
Daniel M.
Bought a mattress and it could not have been an easier process. The staff took the time to answer all of our questions and really worked to find us what we wanted, even if we weren't real clear about what that was when we walked in. Now we've got the most comfortable bed we've ever had and we're sleeping better than we have in years.
K W.
After trying several other stores and purchasing several other online mattresses (including purple and helix), I decided to try natural. Not only are the mattresses here amazing, Chris was very helpful, informative, casual, not pushy, and not rushing us. Yes, most of the mattresses are expensive, but they last longer and from a financial standpoint cost less. They also carry a very affordable and comfortable in house line of mattresses. It's worth stopping by to check the place out. I am glad we did know know where to come once we get rid of several beds.
Travis P.
Slept on our new queen bed setup and it was one of my best nights sleep in a long time!
Michael W.
Knowledgeable, fairly priced and we love the mattress!
Charles M.
Friendly staff
Matt S.
Great Customer Service, Great Products, all around Great Experience
Jennifer J.
The staff is kind and helping, walking you through all the options in a way that helps narrow down your preferences. Great prices and quality materials we can feel good about. I'm so happy a place like this is in Dallas.
Jennifer S.
James knows his beds! He was extremely knowledgeable and helped us find the perfect bed! Thank you James for giving us the best night's sleep!!!
György K.
Amazing service best mattress ever!!James went above and beyond to help us find the best mattress for our needs. Excellent customer service , and great mattress buying experience. If you are looking for quality, this is your place.
Shannon H.
I drive through the intersection of Forest Lane & Preston Road in Highland Park all the time. I had noticed the sign several times while heading East on Forest Lane after getting off of the Dallas North Tollway just before you get to
Preston on the south side but was always in a hurry to get to some meeting or another. I had been meaning to stop in to check the place out but just hadn't found the time yet. A few months later i happened to mention to one of my colleagues how rested they had looked lately and that’s when they told me it was all due to this new organic latex mattress they had been sleeping on for the past few weeks. They said they always felt like they needed a few more hours of sleep in the morning with their "old" spring mattress.( to be honest it was actually not that old, they had just purchased it a few years ago, at one of those popular name brand mattress stores and it wasn't all that cheap either) they said that they were waking up all stiff and sore and in a lot of pain. However, with this new mattress, they weren't getting more hours of sleep now just better sleep and they weren't being woken up in middle of the night to toss and turn. They said they felt like they had more energy and they didn't remember waking up once the whole first night on their new bed. The way the natural latex held them up so they could sleep up on top of the mattress and not sink too far into the mattress, like some of the other mattresses they had tried recently, was a totally pleasant experience. They said it took them a few weeks to get the mattress delivered to them because all of the beds this specialty mattress store sells are made to order, but that it was totally going to be worth the wait and they knew that the very first time they laid down on top of one of the organic latex mattresses in the showroom.

They said when they walked into store, at first, they weren't quite sure if they were in a mattress store or a hip urban loft style gallery because of all of the beautiful works of art on the walls. they said it was a very tranquil and soothing atmosphere with the sounds of a lightly splashing waterwall in the background and calming music off in the distance. they said they were not attacked at the door by pushy sales people but instead were greeted with a friendly invitation to just relax and have a lie down anywhere they liked by the store owner. He explained to them he was in the process of pulling a mattress apart so that he could customize the layers for the customer he was assisting to make sure they got just the right feel they were looking for when they laid down on the mattress.

So naturally, after hearing all of this, I couldn't resist making the time to drop by the store, so that i could experience this zen spa like retreat for myself, and it was exactly as my colleague had suggested. The gentleman Chris i spoke with was just as warm, friendly, and inviting as the owner had been before with my colleague. He even encouraged me to try out some of their store's branded rock star legends series plant based foam mattresses, just for comparison and contrast sake, and he informed me of how the most popular "memory foam" mattresses on the market were made from petroleum or gasoline based chemicals with pounds of chemical fire retardants and were massively over priced but these plant based foam mattresses had none of that. He said that "this was as clean as we can get memory foam" and that these plant based foam mattresses cut the chemical content down by about 2/3rds and that there were much better and healthier ways to do fire suppression than potentially harmful chemicals. He said that "this store's plant based memory foam mattresses were also fair market priced and a much more budget friendly option for those folks interested in or used to that traditional memory foam feeling". I tried them all out, from the firmest to the softest, (they had quite a selection to chose from) and he was right i could feel how much better the quality was and they didn't smell like a gas pump and the price didn't make me feel like i would have to decide between buying that new car i wanted or a new mattress, they had options to fit every taste and style. There was a queen size mattress that was as little as $600.00 and still healthy. They even had a mattress that was slept on by several U.S.Presidents and members of the Royal Families, the world's most famous chefs, as well as , famous athletes and movie stars the world over.

This place is simply put amazing, and I feel more like i am in an exclusive boutique rather than a mattress store, when i am there , and they don't just sell mattresses either. They have tons of pillow choices, linens, comforters, toppers, and pads and protectors, as well as, adjustable bases. All of their products are high quality, healthy, organic and either very affordable or at least a great value for the money. That’s why i would give this place at least 10 stars if they would let me but five will have to do for now.
Kyle P.
Wonderful experience, incredible products I couldnt find anywhere else, and very knowledgeable and non pushy sales guy.
Barbara O.
James at Dallas Natural Mattress will work with you until you find your perfect mattress. I LOVE my Posh+Lavish mattress, it is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. James will spend all the time you need putting together different configurations to suite your special needs.My back was killing me every morning until he gave me a firm foundation with a soft top. It's fantastic. Do yourself a favor and check out these beds.
Joseph W A.
The staff knows their product and we are super happy with our bed.Thanks Shane!!!
Jackson Henry C.
Starve The M.
Shane C.
Megan R.
This store is beautiful. The sales guy was incredibly knowledgable and super patient. As a female, I have had horrible large-purchase experiences, but this store is wonderful. You have to stop by if you need a bed.
Wanda M.
Just let the water fall and the National Mattress put you right to sleep.
Dara A.
Ronnie S.